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Nootropics For Social Anxiety: 5 Best Options

Nootropics For Social Anxiety – can they really be effective? We all recognize that if you want to communicate with fluidity and precision, sharp attention skills and quick wit are a must. One must have a keen focus on the other individual – adapting to suit the environment, atmosphere, and conversation subject. But many find themselves constantly thinking about what they should or shouldn’t say. “Am I talking too much?/ Am I talking too little?/ Did that sound weird?”. These are all examples of some of the internal thoughts that can pass through the consciousness of a socially anxious individual. And it is undeniable that this internal dialog can have disastrous effects on your communication, destroying your capacity to enjoy lucid, gratifying conversation.   That’s why I support the supplementation of specific nootropics for social anxiety – shown to help calm your nerves and unleash your natural charisma. Many like myself are now realizing the true power behind nootropics for social anxiety and have utilized them for their ability to grow intellectual power and spruce thoughts!  

Nootropics For Social Anxiety #5 – L-tyrosine

nootropics for social anxiety - L-tyrosine Talking with people at work or in meetings throughout the day can create unwanted stress in the brain and body. L-tyrosine is an amino acid that is shown to help your brain during these situations – allowing users to continue to function at a high-performing level without getting tired during stressful events.  L-tyrosine can provide your brain with essential building blocks to help replenish the neurotransmitters affected by mental stress and through this action, can ultimately lead to a reduction in mental tension, increased work capacity, and of course, alleviation of social anxiety. The mechanism of action works in a few different ways, essentially concerning the storage of stress neurotransmitters, norepinephrine, dopamine, as well as serotonin.  This is very important in combating the negative effect caused by stress as even small discrepancies in these chemicals can cause mental fatigue, distraction, and/or depression.  L-tyrosine given at a dosage of 68 mg per pound (150 mg per kg) of body weight per day for up to three months has been shown to have shown to be safe, although users are advised that this supplement may interfere with some prescription medications such as MAOIs.  

#4 – Nicotine 

nootropics for social anxiety -nicotine Believe it or not, one of the best nootropics known to alleviate that social unrest is nicotine! Epidemiological studies have shown the therapeutic potential of nicotine since the 1980s, where it was found that smokers had a lower incidence of Parkinson’s disease than non-smokers. Epidemiologists also confirmed that many mental health practitioners have long realized that smoking rates among patients with schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety are much higher than average. Although instead of considering this a correlation, it is generally thought that people with certain mental health problems are inclined to use tobacco for self-treatment purposes. This is because studies show that nicotine can actually help this population to perform better. I know it may sound crazy. After all, nicotine bad for you, right? Correct! If you get smoke from tobacco, that is. Tobacco is full of toxins such as tar and carbon monoxide, as well as very high levels of nicotine – which as we all know, can be very addictive. However, a small amount of nicotine (500mg a day) may be what the doctor ordered, so to speak. Dosages this minuscule are believed to provide mental energy, cultivating a healthy approach to any social situation. It is also found that nicotine can improve;
  • Short-term memory
  • Reaction time
  • Vigilance 
Now it is no doubt that these symptoms can play a role in making you feel more comfortable and confident when socially interacting, although scientists seem to suggest a direct correlation in the reduction of stress neurotransmitters in the brain suggesting that nicotine has the potential to act as a neurological defense against mental stress.   Some healthier nicotine options include spays, patches, or gum – all in which remove the carcinogenic effect of tobacco smoke.  

 #3 – Phenibut

nootropics improve social anxiety -phenibut Originating from Russia, Phenibut is believed to be effective as an anti-depressant as well as a cognitive stimulant (nootropic). This nootropic effect of the drug is known to enhance function and improve intellectual performance as well as significantly relieving stress. It works very similarly to alcohol, as it drastically impacts the function of GABAB and to a lesser degree, GABAA receptors. This will produce an overall sedative effect on the user. Those considering this nootropic should be aware that phenibut is known as a sedative nootropic, which in other words, means it can relieve stress, tension, and bring a feeling of lightness and relaxation – resulting in the sensation of being drunk (without that intoxicated sensation). In my experience, this is certainly true and is what makes this nootropic one to be extremely wary of! Similarly, it has been shown to enhance dopamine in neurotransmitters an effect that will improve one’s mood and motivation – inspiring him/her to be happy, positive, and positive.  The recommended daily allowance is 250 mg however, recreational users have reported taking amounts of up to 3000mg – A dose that will undoubtedly produce a very drunk sensation.   Caution! Because of its mechanism of action, Phenibut is extremely addictive both physically and emotionally. Users are advised to supplement with phenibut only when absolutely necessary. This will negate the potential for addiction and help to avoid tolerance. Anecdotal reports suggest one who doses more than two times per week is at high risk for dependency.    That being said, I can advocate for the powerful anti-anxiety effects of phenibut and utilize this compound several times per year (mostly before presentations at work). I have found that the absorption is highly dependent upon the stomach contents – so it is most effective to dose on an empty stomach ( at least 3 hours after eating).  

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#2 – Noopept 

Noopept is a cognition-promoting supplement of the racetam family, known well by the nootropic community for its capacity to induce a sense of calm lucid thought.  The drug is shown to have quick-acting and powerful mood-lifting effects. This is because it is easily absorbed into the blood and quickly moves to the brain, passing through the blood-brain-barrier providing its anxiolytic, calming effect almost-immediately. This speed of action is of great interest to medical researchers as it could potentially be very useful in treating those who suffer from panic attacks. This is because often the attacks are spontaneous and extremely difficult to control/predict (and of course are extremely uncomfortable). The suggested mechanism of action includes; increasing the signal transduction of acetylcholine, BDNF and NGF expression, prevention of glutamate toxicity, and increased inhibition of neurotransmission in the brain. Not only can Noopept promote improved cognition and calmness, but it also has been recognized for its potential help maintain brain health by increasing the neuroprotective factors within brain cells! Further research has supported this notion, showing that people who already have cognitive and mental difficulties can make significant progress after supplementing with Noopept – making it effective in the short-term treatment of anxiety.  

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    Nootropics For Social Anxiety #1 – L-Theanine 200mg

    Nootropics For Weight loss Have you ever drank a big cup of green tea, only to find that you feel more calm and focused? This is due to the natural ingredient, l-theanine, which has been shown time and time again to relax and improve concentration in human and animal subjects.  It is also to be noted that scientists have found L-Theanine and caffeine to be synergistic, meaning when combined, they can produce a host of favorable effects. Some of these include;
    • increasing reaction time (eg, the speed at which words are processed)
    • improving memory
    • reducing mental fatigue 
    These effects are clearly essential for achieving fluid speech and conversation – the only problem is, you’d have to drink a lot of green tea to enjoy the full potential of L-theanine!  So, if you’re like me and enjoy the calming effect that green tea provides, perhaps an l-theanine nootropic supplement is a right choice for you in improving anxiety.   Clinical research has examined and confirmed effectiveness at dosages around 200mg/day.   

    What Nootropics to Avoid For Social Anxiety

    Caffeine – While it does provide a good pick me up after a lazy lunch, caffeine is one chemical many socially anxious individuals should keep clear of. This is primarily for the fact that caffeine elevates the stress hormones in your body, exacerbating the already stimulated central nervous system and worsening symptoms of unrest. Modafinil/Adderall – Those suffering from anxiety should avoid potent nootropic stimulants as they have a high potential to increase your heart rate and cortisol levels. Alcohol – it may seem like a good spice to eliminate social unrest, but it damages your cognitive function causing clear impairments in memory not only will you forget what the conversation was even about, but you may end up saying something that you regret!  


    Nootropics are well known for their various effects throughout the brain and body. Of late, nootropic supplements have received attention for their ability to improve symptoms of social anxiety amongst users. Some of the best nootropic supplements for social anxiety disorder are; L-theanine, L-tyrosine, Noopept, phenibut, and nicotine. All of these have various effects throughout the body and users should experiment with caution.  

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