Top Nootropics For Anxiety.

Nootropics for Anxiety: Ultimate Guide

After trialing numerous natural ways to free myself of anxiety I decided to research Nootropics For Anxiety and run a little experiment.

I noted changes in anxiety levels across categories; social, performance-based, and general-based, to categorize my levels of anxiety across everyday events.

Could Nootropic’s really be able to assist my ability to manage levels of anxiety and depression? I documented my experience in all of its glory, noting my findings, realizations, and mood changes throughout this process. All to which I reflect on while writing this. I think you’ll find this to be the most in-depth Nootropics For Anxiety Guide available on the internet.

May you too start winning the battle over anxiety today🧬.

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How Thousands are Reducing Anxiety with Nootropics

I know how it feels. That lingering monster talking in your ear. It’s the one who tells you those convincing stories about things like why it is better to stay at home and avoid that event/outing.

It even the thing that makes you think, “What if that person didn’t like what I said” or makes you afraid of “looking stupid”.

Whether big or small anxiety loves to creep into our lives and if left unattended it can grow, manifesting into what we begin to believe is part of our personality. So for most, it becomes just that. Another characteristic of who they associate “themselves” to be…

Thankfully, science is now showing some promising ways to regain that lost sense of balance.

Nootropic supplements have been increasingly praised for their ability to assist users in achieving their first anxiety-free day in many years. Not only this, but many now say that they have also experienced things like; greater mental efficiency, clarity, and an improved sense of natural charisma.

Users also report an ability to conceptualize situations “uniquely”, which reportedly improves anxiety during “triggering times”. These include things like the completion of tasks, assignments, and when required to socialize smoothly.

More and more people, like me, are using Nootropics For Anxiety, and believe it or not, it might work better than you think.

*note while there are many well-documented ways to improve anxiety, we will be discussing the use of Nootropics For Anxiety treatment specifically. Always consult your doctor prior to starting any supplementation.


What Are Nootropics?

“Nootropic” is the term used to group a list of various natural and synthetic compounds of both diverse structure and effect. The commonality is that all leave users describing an optimized sense of mental performance. And they’re pretty right as many have been shown to score higher on cognitive tests (link). They can be classified by their various mechanisms of action in the body and consequently have become a hot point of interest throughout the science community.

So, there are many many types of Nootropics, which can all have various effects.

But which one is right for you?


Can Nootropics Help Anxiety?

Nootropics are compounds which when consumed have been well-documented to;

  • Improve Cognitive Function
  • Improve Working Memory
  • Increase Creativity
  • Improve Mood
  • Lower Anxiety

But which one should you Take?

Choosing your nootropic supplements can be tough. There is so much information out there and it’s hard to know who to trust.

Beware: I often see content written by people who are solely trying to sell you their supplement and misrepresenting the evidence.

I offer my unbiased opinion as a medical scientist who has experimented with Nootropics at home.

Here’s what I have to say…

Choosing the best Nootropic For Anxiety relies firstly on knowing which ones to avoid.


Which Nootropics to AVOID For Anxiety 

If you want to be your most efficient, mentally sharp, anxiety-free self there are some common mistakes that you must avoid.

All too often people start with the question “what can I take to fix ____” without ever considering “what can I stop taking to fix ____”.

Optimizing yourself relies on your ability to feel you 100% natural baseline before trying to change it.

And the most well-documented Nootropic to increase anxiety is…

Best Nootropics For Anxiety

#1 Caffeine

That’s right, who would have guessed!

How many times have you smashed down that cup of joe only to sense that among your buzzing sense of satisfaction, you were wrapped in a jittery sense of tension. It’s the kind of feeling that likes to lay low but will make your heart race when thinking about that thing you that been bugging you.

I hadn’t had a caffeine-free day in so long that I forgot what it felt like to have zero caffeine in me – (this can take well over 2 weeks if you drink coffee or energy drinks every day).

Nevertheless, whether you like it or, not caffeine is not part of an anxious person’s life.

Things to avoid/reduce include;

  • Cola – all types (sugar-free, diet, etc)
  • Coffee (crazy right?)
  • Chocolate (although not much caffeine, during a Caffeine Cleanse chocolate should be avoided).
  • Energy drinks (don’t drink these)
  • Green/Black/Chia Tea

If your someone who likes to be at their mental peak dealing with caffeine withdrawals is the last thing you may want to do. However, in my experoemce once you kick this habit your reduced anxiety levels will give you back 130% of that alert, high performing mental state that coffee offers. This will be completely free of any crash of course.

So now that we have addressed the most common mistake anxious people make with nootropics let’s talk about what you can take.


Best Nootropics for Anxiety


Nootropic For Anxiety #3 -Theacrine

Found primarily in the leaves of the Camellia assamica var. kucha Chinese tea plant, theacrine has recently shaken the fitness and biohacking community for its ability to act as a stimulant—without the typically occurring undesired jittery side effects.

The compound appears to be synthesized from the caffeine molecule in some plants during growth, and is reported to assist users with;

  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Cognitive Analysis Enhancement (improved ability to process information)
  • Improved reaction time and thought processing
  • Mild-moderate euphoria
  • Motivation increase
  • Increased alertness
  • Heightened music enjoyment
  • Focus intensification –  this effect tends to be more noticeable when compared to caffeine
  • Heightened libido
  • Memory improvement

Compared to caffeine theacrine has the following advantages;

  • Absence of fluctuations in blood pressure or heart rate.
  • Extended half-life.
  • Absence of jittery sensation.
  • Much less potential for tolerance growth and addiction.
  • No perceived come down – caffeine has been shown to have a much stronger “crash”.

This study supports these observations stating that “Theacrine supplementation has a favorable impact on multiple subjective feelings related to energy and mood”.

Safety: Theacrine is known for its extremely low toxicity in the body. Various studies have shown that in reasonable doses similar to that found in tea, the compound presents no adverse cognitive, psychiatric, or toxic consequences. I can attest as one who has not suffered any negative impacts.

Recommended Dosage: 1,3,7,9-tetramethyluric acid (Theacrine) = 300mg

  • Most research shows optimal performance with the least side effects when taken at 300 milligrams of theacrine per day. Studies show that even after 60 consecutive days at 300mg participants did not develop a tolerance or reliance.


Nootropic For Anxiety #2- Phenylpiracetam 

Warning: Be it legal in the United States, phenylpiracetam is not approved by the FDA as a dietary supplement. It is on the list of drugs banned for “in-competition use” by the World Anti-Doping Agency. The majority of the research on phenylpiracetam has still yet to be translated into English and cannot be found easily online.
Nevertheless, the racetam family (this class of drug) are some of the best-studied and the most recognized cognitive-enhancing compounds on earth.
* They have been found to have very few side effects.

Originating out of the research labs in Moscow 1983, phenylpiracetam was first used to serve Russian astronauts during long periods of work in space, primarily for the purpose of preventing stress and maintaining work efficiency.

One of the most popularly cited effects of Racetams (2010) has recognized the compound for its potent effect as an anti-cognitive decline agent, in both elderly and younger subjects. The study tested dosages of 200-600mg/day for 30 days to find that it can produce the following effects;

  • anti-amnesic
  • antidepressant
  • anticonvulsant
  • anxiolytic
  • memory enhancement

This is supported by another study (2005) finding that:

“Patients exhibited higher mobility and daily activity, along with lower discomfort, anxiety and depression. EEG study showed more intensive alpha- and beta-rhythms…”

All of this suggests that phenylpiracetam supplementation can act as a potent anti-depressant/anxiolytic drug that has additional improvements in cognition.

However, as many report this supplement to promote wakefulness, it is not recommended to take Phenylpiracetam after midday or within 12 hours of sleep.

This compound does not promote euphoria nor have any psychostimulatory effects. Even so, users are advised to supplement with caution.

*If you decide to supplement within the Racetam class, it’s recommended that you additionally take an acetylcholine precursor. This includes Alpha GPC/CDP Choline.


Nootropic For Anxiety #1 L-theanine 

What is it?

Theanine is a non-essential amino acid. That is the body can function perfectly fine without it. Natural sources of this include; green and black teas, white tea, C. japonica and C. sasanqua, and a mushroom called Xerocomus badius.

What it does

After crossing the blood-brain barrier, the amino acid works to up-regulate inhibitory neurotransmitters by blocking the binding of L-glutamic acid to glutamate receptors.

L-theanine is also thought to modulate serotonin and dopamine levels in select areas of the brain.

This creates a calming effect that kicks in about 30 to 40 minutes of consumption often lasting 8 to 10 hours.


Dosages of 50 to 200 mg show marked improvements in anxiety symptoms. However, doses of 400mg per day are noted as “typically safe and well-tolerated”.

What are the Benefits?

Science has provided us with a great deal of promising research on this topic. Some of which include;

  •  Significantly decrease symptoms of anxiety, including increased heart rate, and increased secretion of immunoglobulin A. [study]
  • Increases alpha waves in the parietal and occipital regions of the brain. (This electrical activity is the same as those observed during meditation).
  • Doses of 250 mg and 400 mg of L-theanine greatly improved sleep in animals and humans [study].
  • Enhanced comfort for those diagnosed with schizophrenia [study].


EGCG found in green tea has been known to reduce the efficacy of some chemotherapy drugs and for that reason, is not recommended for cancer patients.



So there you have it. Your very own ultimate guide on Nootropics For Anxiety. It is clear that the progressive research behind this interesting topic is now becoming more valid, and implementing all the tips given today will likely help you break free of your anxiety woes sooner rather than later. At least they have for me. To which I remind all – it is essential to only use supplements in a “cyclic” fashion. This is true for all drugs, even caffeine.







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  3. Green tea has only recently caught the attention of Indian consumers who were till now pretty happy with their cup of milk tea. Thanks to the multiple benefits that Green Tea provides this market is growing at a decent pace leading to more and more players entering the market.


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